Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Che_lives... Nude!!

Hey, look everybody... It's che_lives NUDE!


@SOURCE = `Method Hidden`;
@VICTIMS = `cat ./naughty`;
@ACCOMPLICES = `cat ./nice`;
@REMARKS = `cat ./remarks`;
$remark_count = $#REMARKS;
$remarked = 0;

foreach (@SOURCE) {
if ( $_ =~ /a name=/) {
($null,$id) = split(/"/,$_);
push @POSTID, $id;

@SOURCE = ();
foreach $id (@POSTID) {
@SOURCE = `Method Hidden`;
foreach (@SOURCE) {
if ($_ =~ /\~*\~/) { ($nil,$replied) = split("~",$_); push @CONVERSATION, "$id=$replied=che"; $remarked++ }
if ( $_ =~ /\|/) {
if ($_ =~ /href/) {next}
else {
($name,$null) = split(/\|/,$_);
$name =~ s/^\s+//;
$name =~ s/\s+$//;
if ($name ne "che_lives") { push @CONVERSATION,"$id=$name=dupe"}

my %uniques;

foreach my $key(@CONVERSATION){ $uniques{$key}++}

@keys = sort keys %uniques;
foreach (@keys) {
($postid,$userid,$type) = split("=",$_);
if ( $_ =~ /che/) {push @CHE,"$postid=$userid=$uniques{$_}"}
else {push @DUPE,"$postid=$userid=$uniques{$_}"}

foreach $dupe (@DUPE){
$test = 0;
($dpostid,$duserid,$dsum) = split("=",$dupe);
foreach $che (@CHE) {
($cpostid,$cuserid,$csum) = split("=",$che);
if ($cuserid eq $duserid) {
if ($cpostid eq $dpostid) {
if ($csum < $dsum) {
if ($test == 0) {create_comment($dpostid,$duserid,$remarked); $remarked++}

sub create_comment() {

$postnumber = $_[2];
while ($postnumber >= $remark_count) { $postnumber =- $remark_count}

$new = 0;
foreach $acc (@ACCOMPLICES) {
if ( $_[1] eq $acc ) {
$message = "%0D%0A;)";
if ($new == 0) {
foreach $nim (@VICTIMS) {
if ( $_[1] eq $nim) {
$message = $REMARKS[$postnumber];
if ($new > 0) {
chomp ($message);
$che_email = "effjaybaby\";
$che_url = "";

open(WEBSITE,"| Method Hidden");
print WEBSITE "Method Hidden";
close (WEBSITE);
else {
open(NEWBIE,">> ./newnames");
print NEWBIE "ID: $_[1] \t POST: $_[0]\n";
close (newbie);
sleep 37;

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Psychological Warfare!


That is what the poseur wannabe GI Joes call it. These neocons knuckleheads are so smug when it comes to military knowledge and covert operations. Idiots. The funny thing is that they would not know what it was if it bit them on the ass. They are lied to on a daily basis. They are easily lead through emotional stimuli. Their lives are dictated to them by the church of the cathode ray. Like all good zealots, they line up as the high priests and priestesses give them their daily bread. They watch what is expected... laugh when coaxed... become aroused at all the right places... become angry when encouraged... then vote for the lie.

There is no real effort.

The hammer strikes the knee.

The knee jumps.

But no real transference of knowledge has taken place. Nothing is taken away except a dull hole that will never be filled no matter how many lines of bullshit they spit online.

But listen - do you hear that sound? The voice gently whispering, goading, cajoling... is it Che? Is it Jesus?

Maybe it's all just a sham.

Maybe you are in a starring role.

Maybe you are too fucking blind to see it.

Psychological Warfare.


Friday, February 25, 2005



During his debate with Dean, Perle says this at minute marker 21:19:

"I'm sometimes asked now that we know there were not weapons of mass destruction in Iraq shouldn't we re-evalulate the decisions to go to war and that seems to me a little bit like deciding at the end of the year not that it was foolish to have purchased insurance becuase your house didn't burn down."

Yeah, going to war is like buying insurance. $300 billion and counting, 1,500 dead and over 10,000 maimed American soldiers, Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians either dead, maimed, or suffering the loss of their loved ones... but good thing we paid that "insurance premium", because just imagine -- Iraq might've had weapons of mass destruction!!! WTF?
The more apt analogy, if Perle wants to go there, is purposefully torching your house at the end of the year, otherwise your insurance money might've gone to waste.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Lies... Big Lies... Really Big Lies

As I try to bring the wisdom of Che into the mainstream, I am amazed at how resistant people online are. Even though I am new to the blogging world, I am shocked at how uninformed people are. One guy even went as far as to quote lies from some book supposedly written at Harvard University. What a LAUGH. Che despised Harvard and everything it stood for. In the book "Che - The Man, The Legend" written by his cousin Garcia Ghumongez, Che clearly states that the media outlets of the capitalist regimes are merely agents of rich and powerfull. He also devotes one chapter on the corruptness of capitalist Academia. To run anything for profit guarantees that the truth is the first casuality.

Che was fond of saying "La verdad está hacia fuera allí", which translates to "The truth is out there". Out there being in the natural world, not in the capitalist bought and paid for academic world.

There are also stories from "former" comrades. These tales usually have Che endorsing terror as a device for change. This is a BALD FACED LIE. Che was devoted to healing and love. To see a man die was repulsive to Che. These "former" comrades were bought and sold by the capitalist machine.

Who runs the capitalist machine ? REPUBLICANS !

They are the true perversion of truth and the true face of evil.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Masters and Slaves

It's not hard being a college student. Being a college student and a firm believer that everything you used to believe in is corrupt... now that's hard. This is why I love Che.

There are a lot of parallels between Che and myself. I too like motorcycles, caring for the sick (I am currently pre-med) and equality, something that is missing in this hell hole that the USA has become. I especially love the idea of toppling the corrupt government that is run by corporations... peacefully, of course, through education and love.

My political awakening occurred when the towers collapsed. I thought "Why do they hate us so?" Later on, I realized, They hate us because of what we have done to them. We have raped their lands, stolen their oil, installed puppets to make their lives sheer misery. No wonder they hate us - wouldn't we also hate them if the situation was reverse?

Our corrupt government cares for one thing only, power.

So I understand why they felt that it was necessary to strike out against the seat of our economic juggernaut. I feel bad for the people who died, but they were a part of the structure that held them down. They were the financial soldiers that Bush and company uses to keep the world down. Just like the real soldiers that Bush is using to spread Christianity and the destruction of the beautiful Muslim faith while stealing the only bargaining chip these people have: Oil!

The entire war on terror is nothing more that another attempt to loot the oil fields and smash the "freedom fighters" who are trying to keep the USA out of their lives. It is a waste. Our poor and underprivileged are forced to kill the poor and underprivileged in Iraq and probably next in Iran and Syria. The Iraqi's don't want western democracy - that's why only a fraction of them voted (Don't believe Fox news - only 25% of the Iraqi population actually voted).

If you are reading this, then this means that you are open to change. How long will we continue to be the slaves to the corporate money-changers? How long will we allow this government to trample on the backs of the workers? How long will we allow ourselves to be exploited?

We need a man like Che NOW. We need his caring, his vision, his tenderness and his love. Join me in this struggle - together we can change the world!




Thursday, February 17, 2005


Money and OIL

This is why we invaded Iraq! This is why we will invade Iran! This is also why we will NOT invade North Korea - no oil to steal.

Thousands of lives destroyed so Bush and his oil buddies can make more $$$$$$$!

I am ashamed to call myself an American.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


A True Hero, A True Villainous Piece of Shit


Piece of shit

Tell me this shit ain't true, you Republican asswhipes

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